Sunday, January 29, 2012

Homemade Taco Seasoning and Sloppy Joes

A double post tonight! Both things are so quick and easy, I decided to put them both in this post. Unfortunately, I did not take any pics. I didn't think they were really needed.
First, I wanted to share my recipe for homemade taco seasoning. If you've ever looked at the sodium content of the store bought seasoning, it has a ridiculous amount! Even the so called "lower sodium" ones. This homemade mix is so easy, and you can even make up a large batch and store it for next time.
You can use this on ground turkey, or even on chicken.
Just simply mix equal parts of the following spices:
chili powder
garlic powder
onion powder
If I'm only making enough for one batch, I use about a tablespoon of each. I brown my meat first, then add the seasoning and a bit of water.
Now, for the sloppy joes. I use ground turkey, and as soon as I put it in the pan I use the Kroger brand Onion and Herb Seasoning (it's salt free!), almost a tablespoon, on top. I then brown my meat.
Once the meat is browned, you will add ketchup and mustard. (We use Heinz No Salt Added Ketchup). I use about 2 parts ketchup to 1 part mustard. The amount really depends on how sloppy you like your sloppy joes!
Since it was such a simple post tonight, keep an eye out for this week's new (for me too!) recipe, Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo! (Other highlights this week: The hubby's homemade chili, chicken stirfry, and homemade applesauce!)
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Have a great night!

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